Wide Necklace

wide necklace

Wide Necklace

Wide Necklaces are matching with clothes that have open collar, or dose note have any collar like dockethe. actually we can set Wide Necklace with dresses that are full of wear like turtlenecks.
But note that these clothes should be simple, monochrome or non-playable. Otherwise our set will be very busy and when someone look at us it gets confused and can not pay attention to something special.
It can even cause the feeling of being dirty to the opposite side !

When we use Wide Necklace for our accessories its hard to choose the other accessories and set these together. for example its better to choose tiny earrings and
If you use a narrow bracelet or a slim watch, use a fairly narrow ring and if you do not use bracelets or watches, you can use a large and attractive ring. you can also set you Wide Necklace with a large and attractive bracelets or watches only.

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